About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 1999, KC CAN! (Children’s Assistance Network) is a Kansas City based volunteer organization that supports community projects to provide children education, safety and hope.

Our Mission: KC CAN! is dedicated to making grants and undertaking projects that improve the quality of life of Kansas City’s children, with an emphasis on projects related to meeting basic needs, education, and wellness.


Executive Board

The KC CAN! Executive Board evaluates grant requests from nonprofits to assure a substantial impact in the community and manages all fundraising efforts. The Executive Board is a volunteer board; no payment is received for being on the board. Executive Board members have voting privileges during KC CAN! Executive Board meetings.

The KC CAN! Executive Board is made up of the following individuals committed to making our grants process impactful. The Executive Board meets regularly to ensure we are continually making progress in improving the quality of life for children in our community.

Aaron Fulk – Communications Chair
Adam Castle – Volunteer Chair
Anne Erickson – Vice Chair
Ben Anderson
Ben Hake – Treasurer
Benjamin Sight
Brian Hardy
Brian Switzer
Casey Wright
Chase Coffin
Chris Culbertson – Chair
Doug Bates
Doug Bordegon
Emerson Hodes
Fr Justin Mathews
Grant Gooding – Secretary
Harry Campbell
Jake Durham
Janelle Aubrecht
Jessica Osborn
Karlo Meave
Kellie Mingori
Kevin Mallot – Secretary
Logan Forbis
Lydia D
Mark Basola
Melissa Sherman – Auction Committee
Mitch Case
Nicholas Saleh
Nick Giuliani
Peter Mallouk
Scott Havens
Scott Swaggart
Steve Larson – Auction Committee
Trevor Keegan – Auction Committee
Veronica Mallouk – Grants Committee
Zack Donnelly

Interested in joining the KC CAN! Executive Board? Let Us Know.

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Advisory Board

The KC CAN! Advisory Board provides guidance and feedback to the Executive Board regarding KC CAN!’s grant recipients and assists in fundraising efforts. Advisory Board members do not have voting privileges in the monthly KC CAN! Executive Board meetings.

The KC CAN! Advisory Board is made up of the following individuals committed to making our Annual Auction successful.

Dr. Alex & Carmen Mallouk
Bob & Gayla Eckholt
Bob & Kelly Pascuzzi
Brett & Debbie Broyles
Carl & Devona Slater
Dr. Corrie Mallot
David & Kim O’Brien
Jamie & Lynn Hohman
Michelle Maher
Mike & Sue Higgins
Dr. Nicolle & Vince Gunter
Scott & Kelly Gage
Steve & Neysa Hodes
Dr. T.E. & Marie Yaghmour
Ted’s Trash Service, Inc.
Tom & Lisa Kane
Drs. Wagih & Lily Silwance

Interested in joining the KC CAN! Advisory Board? Let Us Know.