Kansas City Children’s Assistance Network

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Helping Kansas City Children

Are you interested in funding projects and programs that impact children in the areas of basic needs, education, and wellness but do not have the time to seek them out and evaluate them on your own?

KC CAN! is a volunteer organization committed to making Kansas City a better place to live, both now and in the future, through a grants process to nonprofit organizations for specific projects and programs that target these areas.

Our Work

Our Mission

KC CAN! is dedicated to making grants and undertaking projects that improve the quality of life of Kansas City’s children, with an emphasis on projects related to meeting basic needs, education, and wellness.

Our Vision

To build a broad base of support for philanthropy in our community, and match those gifts to the needs of the community. To be an effective steward for donors who seek to provide a long-term legacy to Kansas City kids.

Our Impact

Providing support to our children who need resources for a better living environment, needed resources and better opportunities.

“We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open.” – Harry Edwards

Helping Kids, Be Kids

Founded in 1999, KC CAN! (Children’s Assistance Network) is a Kansas City based volunteer organization that supports community projects to provide children education, safety and hope.

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Annual Auction

KC CAN! hosts an annual auction which is the sole fundraiser for KC CAN! The funds raised from this event act as the budget for providing grants to nonprofits in the following year. LEARN MORE.