Interested in applying for a grant from KC CAN!? 2024 Grant Request Window is now OPEN through Friday, April 26th at Midnight.

KCCAN! is now using Apply to help make the grant submission process faster and easier for you!  If you already have used Apply you know how it works. For those of you who have never used Apply it is super easy.  Create an account as an applicant, click on the view programs button, and select the KCCAN! Grant Submission where you will find criteria, instructions and an apply button to get started.  If you have any questions please let us know!

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Project Criteria

KC CAN! targets projects from 501(c)(3) organizations that align with our mission to support initiatives that create long term solutions towards improving the lives of Kansas City’s children, with an emphasis on projects related to meeting basic needs, education and wellness, as well as the objectives below. Projects are evaluated on their overall merit and as a result are not necessarily required to match all objectives:

  • Addresses a clear, identified area of need.
  • May otherwise go unaddressed through normal means, such as an organization’s operations budget or capital campaign.
  • Opportunities for professional capabilities and volunteer effort that we can provide through the Executive and Advisory Boards.
  • Involves a financial commitment that can be fully funded from the annual KC CAN! budget for the year in which the project is executed.
  • Can be encapsulated into a defined project that is less than a year in duration, with a target of 3-6 months from inception to completion.
  • Provides ongoing, long-term benefit.

KCCAN does NOT make grants to or for individuals, political organizations or activities, endowments, any type of labor cost, or past operating deficits. Grants up to $50,000 will be considered. Most grants are funded between $10,000-$25,000.

Grant Reporting Requirements

  1. Financial budget versus actual report
  2. Outcome results
  3. Photo and/or video if applicable

Grant Applicants – Stay Informed

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Some of our past grants and projects include:


Program Area Grant


Purchased two vehicles to support their youthStart program and Youth Street Outreach Program (YSOP).


Kansas City Community Gardens

Helped provide materials for the Beanstalk Children’s Garden as well as transportation for students to visit and participate in the programming.


KVC Hospitals

Provided furniture for the renovation of the Kiely Cottage that houses preadolescent kids in the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility.


Literacy KC

Provided furniture and books for the KC CAN! Let’s Read Family Reading Program space in the new Literacy KC location.



Improving the quality of life of children with special needs by fostering inclusion through increased mobility.


Safety Street

Build out of site, building, program and ongoing grants


Charlie’s House

Capital Campaign for building on site adjacent to Safety Street


Giving the Basics



Happy Bottoms

Financial assistance during early stages of launch


Sleepy Head Beds

Financial assistance during early stages / purchase of delivery truck


Gillis Home

Playground, volleyball court, walking trail


Operation Breakthrough

Toddler playground


Higher M-Pact

Computer lab, grant for inner city youth programs, back to school program


The Bridge Home

Refurbish home for teenage mothers and newborn babies


Center School District

Fund opening of a daycare center for children of teen parents


Children’s TLC

Curriculum Grant


De La Salle

PACE program fund


Blessed Sacrament



Grace Center



Bags of Fun

Fund gift packages for children under care at Children’s Mercy Hospital


SIDS Resources Incorporated

Funding for cribs designed to prevent SIDS.